Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Interview with Data Quality Pro

Dylan Jones, founder of the hugely successful Data Quality site: Data Quality Pro, has graciously interviewed me on my approach to achieving some data quality success without the benefit of a business sponsor. Read the full interview here: Interview with Jill Wanless

It was a great experience as it really got me thinking about what it was that really helped our team achieve what we were able to. Dylan does a great job of summarizing the key points and I'd also like to add that achieving data quality success is not a one man job. It requires a team of dedicated and like minded individuals with a good mix of technical savvy, schmoozy sales skills and some serious creativity genes. What I'd really LOVE to do is get a picture up of all of them so you could meet them and see why they are so special. Yeah right..naturally whenever I mention even the slightest suggestion of showcasing their specialness they quickly hide the look of horror on their faces and change the subject. I'm still working on that ;)

So thank you Dylan for being such a supportive champion in my attempts to share our story, and thanks to the best team anyone could ever have!

There I go, getting all Verklempt again..


  1. Jill,

    I just read your interview above. In it, you talked about the importance of measuring data quality. This is an area I'm a bit stumped on as to how to go about achieving this. Would you be interested in discussing this in more detail with me?


  2. Thanks for the info, data quality is important of measuring for business intelligence, risk, customer insights and compliance. Thanks for sharing this post!